Focus acquires Ragi Packaging

Focus acquires Ragi Packaging
Australian print outfit adds packaging in latest acquisition

Australian print empire Focus Print Group has bought family owned Sydney business Ragi Packaging, bringing an end to an era for the company which has been in operation for more than 50 years.

The Punchbowl packaging business owners Alex Zacaropoulos and George Burak are set to retire, with the company now coming under the umbrella of Mark Shergill’s burgeoning Focus operation.

Focus says it experienced an increase in the demand for packaging products, while Ragi had limited printing capabilities, the acquisition will deliver an increased scope of services to both Focus and Ragi customers. The company expects the move will benefit customers in the food, pharmaceuticals and retail packaging sectors.

According to Focus, most of Ragi’s staff have remained and the transition has been smooth with business being uninterrupted.  Machinery as part of the deal includes a high speed sheeter, three die cutters, a pail machine, guillotine and clicker press along with a new clam shell die cutter and reel fed die cutter.

Focus has had a history of growing through acquisition, with its previous purchase being Sydney based St George Graphics last year, the latest in a long line.

Along with other outfits including Sydney Allen and Liverpool Printing Service, Focus encompasses what it says are three of Australia’s leading print providers for its main manufacturing: Focus Press, BPA Print and Print Warehouse. It employs around 85 staff nationally, with facilities across NSW, Qld and Vic.

Focus offers services such as offset and digital print, specialised finishing, customised plastic products and post it notes, storage, fulfillment, distribution and book and magazine production.

Focus was started in 1987 in Marrickville, Sydney.


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