Korea hosts Dscoop

Korea hosts Dscoop
Regional HP users conference meet for in Seoul

Almost 1000 print business owners and managers from 30 countries gathered for the latest Dscoop HP user conference, which took place in Seoul Korea over two days.

Among the attendees were plenty from Australia, with Dscoop Asia Pacific chairman Kelvin Gage taking the helm for the event. Gage is now with Blue Star Print following the sale of his Dominion business to the IVE Group in February.

Mike Boyle, regional manager for Asia Pacific Japan at HP, who is on the board of Dscoop APJ, says, “This conference has exceeded all of our wildest expectations. Thanks to our customers who drive us. You can expect a commitment to the future from HP to our community.

“Korea is an advanced market. We see many of the Dscoop participants here from Korea leading in Asia and the world.

“For Dscoop Asia, we are oversubscribed. We had more applications than we could accommodate.”

This year’s Dscoop is broadening from HP Indigo to include HO wide format and HP 3D. HP says the interest in wide format from our HP Indigo users has increased with time as well. Also, other customers are getting their heads around 3D, the company have six beta sites, testing since last year for the R series.

At Dscoop HP will launch new products, including the HP Latex 2000 which is being simultaneously launched at Fespa, also taking place this week. The HP Latex 2000 comes with a jumbo roll and is 2.5m wide.



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