AIP hosts food waste training in Thailand

AIP hosts food waste training in Thailand
Institute to educate industry on how packaging design can cut back on food waste, hosted by president of World Packaging Organisation

The Australian Institute of Packaging is holding a half day training course on the part of packaging in food waste in Thailand, with the support of the Asian Packaging Federation, the Indonesian Packaging Federation and the World Packaging Organisation.

The workshop, entitled Role of Packaging in Minimising Food waste will be held in June as part of ProPak Asia and is open to anyone in the industry.

The AIP says the course is deal for packaging technologists, designers, engineers, marketers, production and procurement managers and for industries across the food supply chain.

Pierre Pienaar, director of food education at the AIP and president of the World Packaging Organisation will be presenting the course.

The AIP says over one third of the food grown for human consumption is lost or wasted between farms and consumers with around $20bn worth to be lost in Australia and half of this food waste occurring in households. The course aims to show how a difference can be made with product packaging design and appreciation of the environmental life cycle of food, packaging and waste, to minimise food waste with hands on learning and practical case studies.  

The event will be held on Wednesday June 14 in Room 223, Bitec, Banq Na, Bangkok.

Register your place or find out more information here.


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