Label Factory goes digital

Label Factory goes digital
Perth printer installs new Xeikon label press for on demand orders

Western Australian printer The Label Factory has just invested in the latest Xeikon 3030 Plus digital label press, with hopes to deliver short run, on demand labels.

The Label Factory has been trading for close to 30 years, and is a family owned company with 11 staff, with a varied client base, mostly in healthcare, also across commercial, retail, food and beverage.

Stuart Fysh, managing director, The Label Factory, says, “Everybody wants shorter runs, more commonly in full colour. It is not cost effective on conventional press. Designers have changed from asking for a couple of spot colours to everything in CMYK. In a pack of four different juice flavours, now it is the case you will have four different labels in the same pack, as opposed to a different spot colour.

“Now everyone wants shorter amounts for just in time delivery instead of ordering stock in advance.”

Fysh says that while the decision was customer-driven, technology advancements played a part. He says, “If you go back to the previous generation of digital label presses the quality was not there, but now it is.

“When we made the decision to go to a digital press, we were open minded as to which technology. For us the Xeikon was the best fit. We looked at liquid toner, dry toner, and inkjet, but this gives us the widest range of substrates that do not need priming, and can be used on uncoated stocks.

“It was also driven around the business model being consumption based.”

“We plan on growing the business, it is hard to say what comes next, but there will be something. It depends where we go from here.”

It is early days for the new press, having been installed only two weeks ago, but Fysh says the results have been positive, with the team being impressed with the print quality.

Xeikon says users of the 3030 Plus achieve optimal productivity with top quality, with the Plus model offering a higher top speed, and the capacity to handle larger production volumes.


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