Digital focus at Hong Kong expo

Digital focus at Hong Kong expo
Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair taking place April 27-30

The Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair will be running from April 27-30 at the AsiaWorld-Expo, with a focus on digital and 3D printing.

Event organisers HKTDC and CIEC Exhibition Company (HK) say that as Asia’s leading printing and packaging trade platform, it expects to feature 480 exhibitors from 6 countries and regions, including those from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.


Pavilions representing the Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong (GAAHK) and Korea will make their debut this year.


The digital printing and 3D printing sector dominate the printing industry in recent years. Smithers Pira report that the 3D printing market is set for an explosive growth from US $5.8bn in 2016 to US$55.8bn by 2027, with an annual growth rate of 23.0 per cent.


The organisers note that digital printing transcends traditional printing in terms of productivity and reliability and is able to satisfy the ever-changing needs of buyers, pointing to Smithers Pira predictions that the digital printing market will remain strong and will reach 225 per cent of the 2013 market value by 2024.


To take advantage of burgeoning demand, the fair sets up a Digital Printing & 3D Printing zone which showcases the latest printers and services offering 3D tech. A seminar on new development and application of digital printing will be held on the first day of the fair.


Also at the GAAHK pavilion is the HP Latex 570 printer distributed by Hong Kong exhibitor, Media By Phone, which it says delivers a combination of true application versatility, high image quality of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, high productivity and a sustainable approach with the use of water-based inks that are environmental-friendly and hazard free. It offers outdoor durability from three to five years and can be applied to outdoor event banners, signage and posters.


The demand for the luxury goods market has grown rapidly across the globe, which in turn leads to a rising demand for high-end packaging.


Research and Market predicts that the global luxury packaging market will reach US$23bn by 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.96 per cent. The fair’s De Luxe Zone will put forward premier printing and packaging solutions for luxury goods such as jewellery, watches, cosmetics and perfumes, fashion accessories, wine, gourmet food and premium gifts, encompassing top-quality materials and latest designs in a bid to help retailers to enhance consumers product experience.


On top of the use of high quality materials, businesses are now adopting anti-counterfeiting labels on packaging so that consumers can verify the authenticity of products through their smart devices, bringing in an even more advanced user experience. The Packaging Services zone gathers related products, such as “Packplus”, developed by the Hong Kong company Right Tech.


This leading chip-in-package technology which embeds NFC and RFID sensors into traditional packaging allows consumers to go through an instant product authentication simply by tapping their smartphones on the smart packages.


It also enables the acquiring of more information and interactions with the brand, facilitating deeper, longer-lasting relationship between retailers and consumers. Packplus also has an exclusive package status identifying function, which indicates whether the package is open or sealed.


A series of seminars and forums will be held during the exhibition, focusing on key issues in the printing and packing industry such as how Hong Kong’s graphic arts industry can embrace the cultural and creative opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area. On the last day of the fair French luxury group LVMH will shed light on how innovative packaging begins with RFID.


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