Coles using advanced beef packaging

Coles using advanced beef packaging
Supermarket giant using plantic R for its beef packaging

Australian supermarket Coles is using Plantic R packaging for its own beef, earning it in the finals of the 2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

Plantic R high barrier material is manufactured using modern technology where thin layers of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) are laminated to a core layer of renewably sourced, high barrier Plantic HP sheet. The Plantic HP core provides exceptional gas barrier and the PET provides moisture/water vapour barrier to the structure.

Plantic R is versatile and suitable to most thermoforming applications. The renewable content can be altered to meet specific requirements and/or the PET recyclable content.

The AIP says, “In addition to being renewable and recyclable, the Plantic R packaging requires approximately half of the energy to produce than traditional fossil fuel plastics.

“While these eco-attributes may not be readily apparent to consumers, Coles has exploited a show-and-tell design scheme. One half of the lidding is clear, which allows shoppers to visually inspect the beef product, while the other half has succinct on-pack messaging. That communication includes a no-hormones added claim, which according to Mintel Global New Products Database, is one of the top five fastest growing claims in the category.”

Its features include, high renewable content, high clarity for promotion of products, compatible with PET recycling streams, outstanding gas barrier performance, excellent thermoforming characteristics. suitable for MAP applications and thermoform roll-stock or pre-made trays.

Plantic is based in Victoria. 


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