Flint Group releases its sustainability report

Flint Group releases its sustainability report
Report outlining three key areas – social economic and environmental

Global packaging and printing supplier Flint Group has released its yearly sustainability report featuring an emphasis on its approach to measuring energy adding an evaluation to energy intensity.

Evaluating the energy intensity will provide a greater depth of understanding and transparency within its sustainability reporting.

Flint says it is the most comprehensive and accurate view of the organisations sustainability performance to date. Aligned to the Dow Jones Sustainable Index, the report outlines the Group's performance in three key areas – Social, Economic and Environment – detailing the way in which Flint Group has incorporated sustainable business practices into its daily activities.

Antoine Fady, CEO at Flint Group says, “We are proud to be able to share the progress that has been made over the past two years, in what has been an exciting and transformational period for our business. As our organisation has continued to grow we have maintained a strong focus on building and consolidating on our sustainability culture, taking some important steps to measure and reduce our environmental footprint.”

Russell Taylor, senior VP Global Human Resources at Flint Group says, “We are delighted to introduce our 2017 Sustainability Report, which explores in depth the progress we have made in 2015 and 2016 on our sustainability journey. We have been encouraged by our achievements to date, stepping up our focus on environmental measurement and reporting, initiating many important improvement projects and working to further embed sustainability practises firmly within the core of our organisation. We recognise fully we are on a journey with so much yet to be done - but that progress is encouraging and importantly is built on authentic and solid foundations.” 
“Within the report you will find many examples of how the organisation has strived to understand and respond to our customers’ precise needs, empowered our people and give back time and resources to our local communities. The sheer energy and commitment of so many Flint Group teams around the world to this subject is quite remarkable and humbling. ”

As one of the leading suppliers to the Printing and Packaging industries, Flint Group says it remains committed to implementing initiatives that support continual improvement in all areas – including sustainability. The report is intended to serve as a flagship document for stakeholders to help understand Flint Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Flint Group’s 2017 Sustainability report can be downloaded here.


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