Scholle IPN reach production milestone

Scholle IPN reach production milestone
Global flexo company delivering 25 million flexible bag-in-box packages worldwide

Flexo company Scholle UPN has reached a production milestone for its flexo bag-in-box packages delivering 25 million units to the market.

These products are primarily bound for quick lube outlets and other institutional businesses where oil changes are a service offering.

Scholle IPN has five Asia Pacific based offices in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India and China.

Scholle IPN, a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, has revealed today that they are passing a major production milestone for their flexible bag-in-box package for automotive oil. Since the product's inception in 2008, Scholle IPN has delivered 25,000,000 of the award-winning packages to market; primarily bound for

Frank Rice, senior business manager for Scholle IPN says, "From the outset, we were confident this product line would do well. It was really the right development for a market segment that was thirsty for innovation. The market was looking for an intelligent way to better-manage bulk automotive oil in situations where quart bottles had traditionally been used.

“Keeping track of inventory, nearly eliminating waste, and providing faster service were key demands we worked from in those early years. Since then, we have gone on to help integrate the package with better dispensing technology, and design high-speed filling equipment designed specifically for this market solution. Our customers value our ability to engineer an entire solution, from film, to fitment, to fill."

Lani Craddock, VP marketing and business development for Scholle IPN says, "We have a long history of pioneering valuable flexible packaging solutions and we are proud of this one. We work hard to engineer solutions that help our customers deliver their products in a way that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable. And, for the automotive fluid market, we hit all the right notes. Working closely with our customers to understand their opportunities and quickly responding with developments has helped fundamentally change how people get their car oil changed.”


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